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Five things to know before you stream live video

We aren’t blessed with billowing budgets in higher education, so the projects we propose often live or die with the effort we invest. Such is the case with web streaming events at the university where I work. Our latest endeavor was a great success, capping off a complex, week-long digital blitz. But it’s been six […]

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An interactive campus tour worth taking

Most online college tours are a bore, too dependent on 360-degree pans of a building or too talky to show me what the campus actually looks like. So kudos to St. Michael’s College for putting a interactive tour together that kept my attention and gave a great view of the campus and its students. Watch […]

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Is this marketing campaign really an advantage?

The photo found above is a screen capture of the Drake University admissions site after it launched a new marketing campaign touting the Drake advantage. I understand the need to be edgy, but the enlarged image of a D+ has me scratching my head. The Drake website offers a brief explanation: “When we talk about […]

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5 things higher ed could learn from Justin Bieber

It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him … or even know who he is. You have to respect Justin Bieber for the mere fact he knows how to draw a crowd. Teenage girls launch into deafening screams of delight at the mention of his name. When Bieber was scheduled to perform earlier […]

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Examples of good university Facebook pages

Every fan page created in Facebook starts out the same. There’s a wall, info, discussion, events and maybe some photos. But who wants more of the same? It only takes a few tweaks to transform a standard-issue Facebook page into something better. The opportunities are there, yet many (me included) regularly fail to tap those […]

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