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WEBINAR VIDEO: How to Use Social Media to Influence SEO

Social media is great for building community and fostering conversations. Some of social media’s most untapped potential lies in its ability to influence search engine result pages, where two-thirds of all prospective students go to research colleges and universities. This webinar covers a little bit of everything: how search engines work, why higher education should […]

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The Importance of Setting Goals

The social media landscape is littered with casualties, deserted Facebook pages and abandoned Twitter accounts set up to be the savior of a brand. Walls without posts. Albums without photos. Brands without a fan. Most often these accounts fail for one reason: They failed to set a goal in the first place. Goals focus attention, […]

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Rethinking location-based services

There’s a scene in the 1983 classic “Mr. Mom” when new stay-at-home dad Jack Butler attempts to drop off his kids at school. It’s a simple task, really, but as his kids and others are quick to point out, he’s doing it wrong. When it comes to location-based services and how we employ them in […]

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Higher education web resources from A to Z

It’s all about the A-B-C’s in education, why should resources for higher education professionals be any different?

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Success with SCVNGR, 5 lessons learned

Webster University this year partnered with SCVNGR to host a 3-day event to increase participation and enhance the orientation experience. It became more successful than our wildest dreams.

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Just generally have fun

I love it when a university doesn’t take it self so seriously that it forgets the most important aspect of social media — social media is fun. So kudos to you, Oregon State University. The video description puts it simply: “Meet new people, stay up to date on campus events and just generally have fun.” […]

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Why I ‘like’ Facebook check-in deals

It could be easy to get glum on the future of Facebook check-in deals — so few businesses seem to take the time to set them up and, in return, so few people use the service to claim them. So why am I still keen on the idea of setting them up in higher education? […]

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Foursquare university badges now available to all

Foursquare on Monday made available to all colleges and university badges previously reserved only for those institutions that partnered with the location-based service. It’s a growth strategy long overdue and, perhaps, past its prime. Foursquare previously partnered with 100 universities across the country and made certain badges available to them. It’s a welcome sign to […]

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Unanswered questions on social media and highered

Fellow bloggers Kanna Taylor and Erin Eschen already posted great recaps of the Social Media Club St. Louis’ panel on higher education last week — that’s not what this blog post is about. This post is about those questions asked but not answered. The panel discussion lasted more than an hour and a half and […]

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Social media scavenger hunt pulls it all together

Colleges and universities struggling to find ways to pull together a comprehensive social media campaign should pay attention to Texas A&M University. TAMU last week announced a social media scavenger hunt that utilizes YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. It’s a creative way to increase student engagement and give away some sweet swag in the process. […]

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