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5 of the Best Free Apps for Getting Organized

These apps can be anything that helps us retain focus, move forward or just survive the day. Here are five of my favorites.

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Just Because Google Ignores It Doesn’t Mean You Should, Too

There are URL naming structures to consider, keywords to be be added to page titles and the proper prioritization of heading tags in copy. Yet there’s one piece of data that doesn’t factor into most search engine results — the meta description.

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How to Handle Social Media Comments

How do you handle the tough ones — the comments made in anger, the posting that doesn’t quite violate terms of service or the diatribe littered with poor punctuation and no clear direction? As with anything else in social media, it helps to have a plan. Too often people get excited about the possibilities of […]

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Higher Education Is Missing the Boat with Google+

Mention Google+ in a room filled with people managing and monitoring social media in higher education and wait for the snickers to start. They laugh because, while they all have accounts and occasionally login to update them, they are keenly aware of the perception that no one actually uses it. Their target audiences — namely […]

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The Importance of Setting Goals

The social media landscape is littered with casualties, deserted Facebook pages and abandoned Twitter accounts set up to be the savior of a brand. Walls without posts. Albums without photos. Brands without a fan. Most often these accounts fail for one reason: They failed to set a goal in the first place. Goals focus attention, […]

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Google+ Pages and Higher Education

It took a while but it appears Google+ is open for business. Google on Monday unveiled its pages feature that allows organizations — including institutions of higher learning — to create brand personas and engage with the more than 40 million people already using Google+. It’s about time. The Google+ platform is a slick one, […]

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Rethinking location-based services

There’s a scene in the 1983 classic “Mr. Mom” when new stay-at-home dad Jack Butler attempts to drop off his kids at school. It’s a simple task, really, but as his kids and others are quick to point out, he’s doing it wrong. When it comes to location-based services and how we employ them in […]

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Higher education web resources from A to Z

It’s all about the A-B-C’s in education, why should resources for higher education professionals be any different?

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Why Google + Will Work for Higher Ed

If I’ve learned anything from two weeks spent playing around in Google+, it’s that when it becomes available, this service can work for higher education.

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Could Facebook e-mail replace the .edu inbox?

It may be just another web-based e-mail application, but when it’s a web-based application coming from Facebook it can’t be ignored. Facebook later today is expected to unveil its latest application. The development could effectively change higher education and the way students and faculty share information, providing a rich exchange of communication that blurs the […]

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