It’s more important than ever to be awesome

FACEBOOK(LET) Frontside by GOIABA (Goiabarea), on FlickrFacebook earlier this week once again changed the way users interact with each other and how they experience the news most important to them. What does this mean for higher education?

It’s more important than ever to be awesome.

Awesome Facebook posts stick. Awesome posts generate comments and get shared with others. People subscribe to awesome posts.

The latest changes do two big things:

  1. Merge “top news” and “most recent” into once feed, determining what to show based on the last time a user logged in; and,
  2. Provide a real-time ticker of friends’ status updates running down the right side of the page.

It’s a fairly significant shift for the casual user, but does little to impact the strategy behind managing a professional page. If anything, the new changes forces page administrators to think twice before posting, causing them to question if what they are posting is worth a discussion, worth sharing with others and worth liking enough to show up in the ticker.

A social network is supposed to be about the people who use it, not the brands pushing products through it. I applaud Facebook’s effort to more easily provide the content important to each user.

I only hope my content makes the cut.

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