Three ways universities could better use SlideShare

Faculty, students, and staff upload presentations to SlideShare all the time. Some are good, some are bad, and some are pretty incredible. But in the end, they all say something about the institution where they work and learn.

The end result for a college or university, however, is often the same —a hodge-podge of content that does little to promote the material or an institution’s brand.

There are ways this can be fixed.

The online presentation warehouse boasts more than 30 million monthly visitors and more than 70 million monthly pageviews. These aren’t easy numbers to ignore.

Getting started with SlideShare is easy. The basic presentation sharing service is free, although it starts to get pricy when you start adding on custom features. SlideShare offers three professional subscription plans: Silver ($19 / month and geared to professionals; Gold ($49 / month and geared to small businesses) and Platinum ($249 / month and geared to enterprise customers).

There aren’t many colleges or universities taking advantage of a customized SlideShare channel, but the ones out there using the service (even the free version) are doing some interesting things.

The best example of a university capitalizing on the pay service is the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. The school has a branded channel will well organized presentations that highlight some of the best the school has to offer. No wonder it’s the example SlideShare uses when touting the pro package to other universities.

But what if you’re not quite willing to pony up the cash and still want a professional presence when people go looking for you on SlideShare? Here are a handful of ways other universities are using the service:

1. SlideShare as a marketing tool.

Norwich University has loaded 41 presentations to the service highlighting the programs it offers. The presentations are well put together and capitalize on a great opportunity to let people know more about the institution.

2. SlideShare as an internal organizer.

Wayne State University uploaded a handful of presentations a while back focused around information pertinent to an internal audience. It doesn’t look like the university has kept their presence up to date, but the use is an intriguing one — a one-stop shop for official university presentations.

3. Slideshare as an alumni resource.

The University Career Center at the University of Kansas uploads presentations targeted for a specific audience. The presentations are geared toward job seekers and alums in the workplace.

Know of any other universities utilizing SlideShare to benefit its brand? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “Three ways universities could better use SlideShare”

  1. I work in research communications and I wish there were a way that slideshare would let universities aggregate content to their channel ie academic uploads presentation to their profile with with #unix and it appears in our channel. Would save duplication and ensure the academics get full credit. However I guess the issue is quality and what you want to proactively use to build a profile of the uni vs. allowing anyone and everyone to self-promote or academic freedom issues if there were an approvals process.

    March 16, 2013 at 5:18 am
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